SBIAA Approves Lease with World Wide Wings to Establish Professional Pilot School at SBD International Airport - San Bernardino International Airport (SBD)
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SBIAA Approves Lease with World Wide Wings to Establish Professional Pilot School at SBD International Airport


(April 12, 2016 – San Bernardino, CA) The San Bernardino International Airport Authority approved a lease with World Wide Wings, LLC to establish a professional pilot school certificated by the FAA under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 141 to train domestic and international students for careers as professional pilots. The pilot school will occupy office and hangar space at the northeast end of the airport that will support administration, classroom training, flight training and maintenance of World Wide Wing’s aircraft.

According to Mr. Mark Gibbs, director of aviation at SBD International Airport, FAR Part 141 pilot schools are common in the U.S. and are very attractive to students, especially international students, because they can realize significant fuel cost savings while learning to fly in complex airspace. “With baby boomers retiring, commercial aviation is expected to experience a significant shortage of qualified pilots over the next 20 years according to just about every industry forecast. The establishment of a pilot school at SBD International will bring employment opportunities to the local economy while seeding the industry with a fresh crop of new pilots,” says Mr. Gibbs.

Mr. Rehan Siddiqui, project coordinator, and director of World Wide Wings, adds, “We had several options for opening an aviation facility. We chose SBD International Airport because it is easily accessible from around the world and is a very hospitable. San Bernardino also has a lower cost of living in order to attract international students. World Wide Wings will also bring local jobs and tax revenue to the City which is a mutually beneficial decision for all parties involved.”

Pilot schools requiring certification, such as World Wide Wings, must comply with FAA policy and approvals under CFR Title 14, Part 141 for personnel, aircraft, facilities, training curriculum, examining authority, operating rules, and records. Additionally, international students will be required to pass stringent background checks, including financial worthiness, before obtaining required Visas to train in the United States.

About SBD International Airport: Located approximately 60 miles east of Los Angeles, the former Norton Air Force Base was converted to civilian use in 1992 and later became certified as a commercial airport by the FAA. The Airport offers a full range of services and facilities to aviation in the Southern California region, including the best-in-class FBO, Luxivair SBD, air cargo services, and four maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) businesses. The Airport is positioning itself to provide domestic and international passenger service.

About World Wide Wings: Zaka Group is based in Bombay, India and has been operating for nearly 50 years. In the last 27 years Capt. Naushad has trained many pilots in Florida and has an excellent track record. He will be leading the organization. Capt. Naushad and Zaka Group has been working in the aviation industry for almost 40 years with an excellent track record. We hope to attract students from a diverse range of international markets. For more information, contact Mr. Rehan Siddiqui at or (281) 773-0941

For more information, contact:
Mark Gibbs, Director of Aviation
Direct: (909) 382-4100 Ext. 131 | Fax: (909) 382-4106


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