History - San Bernardino International Airport (SBD)
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Part of the community fabric for more than 80 years

SBD International Airport has been a leading economic contributor to the region it serves for nearly 80 years. From its early days as Norton Air Force Base to a now-thriving commercial service airport, SBD continues to reinvent itself to deliver the best in service to local residents and businesses.

The airport began as Municipal Airport

The airport began as Municipal Airport, San Bernardino, under Army Air Corps jurisdiction. During the summer of 1941, it was a training base to meet the needs of the 30,000-strong Pilot Training Program. In December 1941, within days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, combat-ready fighter planes arrived to protect the Los Angeles area from enemy attacks. In July 1942, the airport was renamed San Bernardino Army Air Field and the San Bernardino Air Depot was established. The facility’s primary function was the repair and maintenance of aircraft. During the war, the Air Transport Command used the field and in 1943, maintenance operations for gas turbine engines were added.

SBIAA envisions San Bernardino International Airport as a major economic engine

SBIAA envisions SBD as a major economic engine and a vital resource for our local communities, bringing in jobs, tourists, travelers, businesses, and recognition for our beautifully designed, carefully planned and state-of-the-art airport facilities. To that end, the Authority’s efforts are focused on strengthening our community and region by: 

  • Promoting aviation activities and business opportunities 
  • Improving the infrastructure, landscape, and aesthetics of the airport 
  • Promoting the safe and efficient movement of people and goods throughout the Southern California region 

For more details about the airport and its history, please visit the Norton Air Force Base Museum.