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Inland Valley Development Agency restores a record 10,780 Jobs in San Bernardino


(San Bernardino, CA – December 14, 2016) The Inland Valley Development Agency (IVDA) has announced that over 10,700 full time jobs have been restored in the region as a result of the economic development efforts at the former Norton Air Force Base. These new direct jobs have had a significant effect on the local economy by creating an additional 5,000 indirect jobs culminating in nearly $1.9 billion of economic output. After years of revitalization and infrastructure improvements in and around the former base, the IVDA has now surpassed the direct jobs lost by the base’s closure in 1994.

The base reuse area includes the San Bernardino International Airport and the adjacent land designated as Alliance California, which is home to Fortune 100 and 500 firms, as well as international and local businesses that have invested and continued to invest in growing their operations. San Bernardino International Airport has now attained the #4 designation in the top 10 employers in the IVDA area, just behind Amazon, Stater Bros. Markets, and Kohl’s Department Stores. Results are included in a report to the IVDA Board on December 14, 2016.

IVDA Co-Chairperson and 5th District San Bernardino County Supervisor, Josie Gonzales, remarked, “This is an important achievement in the continued efforts of the IVDA and the communities that have supported Norton Air Force Base and its long road to this great success. It could not have been realized without steady collaboration, focus, and strong partnerships, including our valued local industry leaders such as Hillwood, Stater Bros. Markets, and many, many others.”

According to Michael Burrows, Executive Director of the Inland Valley Development Agency and San Bernardino International Airport Authority, the IVDA and its partner organizations have remained purposed and committed to driving tangible results for the benefit of the region: its citizens, businesses and communities. Mr. Burrows adds, “Military Base Reuse is a challenging endeavor, and I am proud to represent and work with our Board of Directors, a collation of communities, and true public-private partners in this work. Through the hard work of a great many, we can celebrate reaching this milestone together.”

Prior to its closure, the former Norton Air Force Base provided over 8,000 military and 2,000 civilian jobs to the local economy. With over 1.8 million square feet of new development in 2016, IMPLAN results calculate the impact of the new 10,780 direct jobs at a total economic output of over $1.89 billion to the local economy.

IVDA Co-Chairperson and Loma Linda City Councilmember, Ovidiu Popescu, commented that Loma Linda, the adjacent cities, and County have made strategic investments in the future of the region and its transportation assets. “The over $260 million in infrastructure improvements made to date is vital to continuing this economic growth and supporting continued investment in the region. The IVDA encompasses a base reuse project area that began at a total assessed value of $1 billion and has now reached over $6.1 billion. Over 13.1 million square feet of new development has been completed, with more in production,” said Mr. Popescu.

This latest analysis comes from the annual review of the Inland Valley Development Agency Strategic Plan, a process initiated in 2009, and re-envisioned by the IVDA Board of Directors in December of 2015. The Adopted IVDA Strategic Plan calls for annual updates and reviews, as well as reports and evaluations on progress. The IVDA’s foundational efforts are centered on comprehensive military base reuse and economic development programs at Alliance California, across a 3-mile radius supporting SBD International Airport.

President of the San Bernardino International Airport Authority, Vice-Chair of IVDA, and Mayor the City of San Bernardino, R. Carey Davis, commented, “IVDA’s development of the Norton Air Force Base has proven to be a great asset to the San Bernardino community. We have positively impacted the economy with the creation of jobs and new business. This is a fine example of the progress we have made in rebuilding San Bernardino.“

About the Inland Valley Development Agency: Formed in 1990, the IVDA is a regional Joint Powers Authority comprised of the County of San Bernardino, and cities of Colton, Loma Linda and San Bernardino. It is responsible for the development and reuse of the non-aviation portions of the former Norton Air Force Base – to replace jobs that were lost as a result of the military base’s closure. The base reuse project area is made up of approximately 14,000 acres of property surrounding SBD International Airport, including continued support of Airport operations and development.

A copy of the IVDA Strategic Plan report and story map are available at:

Michael Burrows, Executive Director
Inland Valley Development Agency
(909) 382-4100

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