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At SBD International Airport, Unical MRO Finds a Place to Grow


Five-year Expansion Brings Record Growth, Skilled Jobs, and Greener Pastures for Retired Planes

July 9, 2019 – San Bernardino, CA: San Bernardino International Airport’s sunny skies and convenient location made it the ideal choice for Unical MRO when the company was evaluating sites for its aircraft recycling and repair business. Five years later, the maintenance, repair, and overhaul facility has become the Airport’s largest tenant, boasting impressive gains in its leaseholds and job creation.

Since establishing operations at SBD, Unical MRO’s footprint has expanded by 726%. It now encompasses 2,576,322 square feet, a significant increase over its initial lease of 311,890 square feet. For the Airport, this translates to dramatic revenue growth. “In 2014, Unical’s lease activity contributed $112,351 to SBD’s revenues,” says Mark Gibbs, Director of Aviation. “This year, annual revenues from Unical leaseholds will surpass 1.7 million. Unical’s success demonstrates how a strategic location like SBD can help aviation businesses thrive.”

And for Unical, growth means more than black ink on its balance sheet. As member of the American Sustainable Business Council, the company is committed to a triple bottom line which measures success in terms of people, planet, and profit. “We believe that businesses have a tremendous impact in the communities where they are located. We choose to operate business as a force for good. That’s why we offer programs and benefits like healthcare and retirement, education reimbursement, volunteer time off, and why our corporate giving focuses on the education system and workforce development efforts in San Bernardino,” says Dominique Tan, Chief Social Innovation Officer.

For its employees, Unical MRO offers challenging work, growth opportunities, generous benefits, and a culture of excellence. Currently, the company employs 220 skilled workers at SBD, up from the company’s opening day workforce at SBD of 12. Further growth is anticipated, with the total number of positions at SBD expected to reach 250 next year. The Unical family of companies employs over 800 worldwide.

Unical’s commitment to the planet is equally strong. In addition to being an FAA 145 repair station, Unical MRO recycles aircraft for aviation companies around the globe. Certified by the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association, Unical MRO’s end-of-life solutions provide methods to dispose of aircraft in ways that are both environmentally sound and revenue generating.

About SBD International Airport: Located approximately 60 miles east of Los Angeles and within 30 minutes of more than two million people, the former Norton Air Force Base was converted to civilian use in 1992 and later became certified as a commercial airport by the FAA. The Airport now offers a full range of services and facilities to support general aviation and large-scale cargo operations in the Southern California region, including onsite U.S. Customs, air cargo services, general aviation hangars, and maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) businesses. Also on-site is Luxivair SBD, a best-in-class FBO. The Airport is home to the San Bernardino Regional Emergency Training Center and the U.S. Department of Forestry Airtanker Base. SBD is positioning itself to provide domestic and international passenger service. Visit to learn more.

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