Departure Guide - San Bernardino International Airport (SBD)
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Departure Guide

Start your journey on the right foot

Our single terminal makes travel easy, but planning your trip ahead of time makes it even easier.

Know how to get here

The San Bernardino International Airport is conveniently located near several freeways in Riverside County. Plan your route by visiting the directions page.

Prep for the checkpoint

Know which items you can bring onto your plane, and how to safely transport your medical device, and more at the TSA website.

Arrive early

Don’t let traffic jams or unexpected issues get between you and your trip. Keep your journey worry-free by adding extra time to your schedule.

Check in before you arrive

Breeze Airways allows you to check in up to 24 hours before your flight, which can save you time at a ticket counter. Check in online or via the airline app.

Download the airline app

Having the Breeze Airways app on your phone means you’ll have all of your travel details in one place before you arrive at the airport. Enjoy contactless check-in and boarding, manage your bags, and so much more, all through the app. Download via the App Store or Google Play at

Enjoy low-cost parking

The San Bernardino International Airport offers an incredibly low parking rate of $5 per day. Hundreds of spaces close to the terminal make SBD one of the most convenient airports in the LA basin.